The Best Beginner Django Tutorials

2 min read

May 26, 2022


I often have people ask me for next steps after learning some fundamentals I typically direct them towards Django. The reason for my recommendation is that I think Django is a great way to get your feet wet into building an app that does something. I think it's way easier to stay motivated when you can see your app coming together and Django is an introductory way of figuring out how the software stack works together.

When people ask me I typically suggest they do 2 free tutorials first and then think about looking into the paid ones. I am going to suggest two free and one paid one. These tutorials specifically helped me level up my skills and provided immense value for me.

Django Girls

The Django Girls tutorial is probably the best tutorial out there. The explanations are detailed and help you really understand the why of what you are doing. I recommend doing this one first.

Coding for Entrepreneurs

A paid course that also has some free elements you can find on Youtube. This is great to use when you have something in mind you want to build and have a little experience using Django. They have tutorials with things like using stripe, APIs, etc. so you should probably have done the other two tutorials but there is a lot of great information here.

The Core Django Tutorial

The tutorial that kicked it all off. Definitely give this one a shot as it's super useful and the Django documentation is some of the best in the world in my opinion.

Hopefully these suggestions help you get started. As you can probably tell from this blog I am a Django fanboy and I try to spread the gospel the best I can.