A dose of mindfulness

2 min read

March 27, 2024


I’m typing this post from my phone. Our house is currently without power due to a line of storms coming through. No power means no Wi-Fi, streaming, etc (the horror!!)

Its times like these where you learn to appreciate the little stuff you forget about on a daily basis. I take it for granted that when I wake up I’ll be able to go to grab a cold drink from the fridge and head to my desk to work online. I don’t typically wonder if the Wi-Fi will be working or if I need to conserve energy.

I think many of us experienced similar feelings at the height of Covid. Travel was restricted, no concerts happening, and no indoor dining was a real shock to many, myself included. As restrictions began to ease it felt like a privilege to go eat at a restaurant, which was something I took for granted just a short time before. Travel especially has been slow to return and now I jump at every chance I get to go somewhere because I feel as if the opportunity might not last forever.

These are privileged problems to have but still poses an opportunity for a bit of gratitude. Reflecting like this no matter the problem is positive in my mind. Being overtly thankful of all of the good things in my life is something I am not typically good at and I’ll take any chance I can get to try and be mindful in any small way I can. I've even considered trying guided mediations from various sources to help with my mindfulness, but have yet to really stick to it.

I’m sure this level of gratitude will wear off eventually and just feel like everyday life. When the lights come back on it might be just a few hours until it becomes everyday life again. Maybe after the 3rd trip to somewhere new it will feel commonplace again. At least for now I’ll sit in the dark and try to be more mindful and just for a bit slow down and appreciate the little things.